Friday, October 3, 2008

Layer number ?

My niece said she really liked the pieces in the last post- well, I am pleased, however you have to be fast with me because I love LAYERS.  In this post you can see they have mostly been covered up.  

In fact, most of the new work I am creating at the moment is painted on top of other paintings I felt were less successful or that I just got tired of looking at. This approach is cost effective and supports well the concept of urban archeology and the removal and addition of layers of 'influence'. 

The temporary, yet cyclical nature of everything is what inspires me. For example, the images upon which these paintings are based need to be taken quickly, soon after I spot them from a car or train window - because very soon a new building will be erected in their place. These cross sections of a life once-lived are fleeting.

These two (above and below) are details of a larger piece. 
So, next time you like a piece, you might consider making a bid before it continues on it's cycle and takes on a new life!

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