Friday, October 10, 2008

Clean Slate

High on the joy of finishing the set of "Habitaciones" paintings I just finished, I sought out more panels of the same size to continue the series...and found another sacrifice to the wheel of painting life - a very labored painting from 2002 of ferns morphing into spinal columns. I am not sure I have ever even exhibited this piece, but too late now!

Is this tendency recycling or more of an artistic Darwinism? The survival of the newest?


Allison said...

I dont think i would call it destroying, but rather a new life.

Laurie Pearsall Luque said...

You know, I hesitated before choosing the word 'destroy', then realized I mean it in the 'phoenix from the flame' sense- you often have to tear something down to make something beautiful in it's place...thanks