Sunday, April 10, 2016

Leap Frog

Leap Frog
pencil, ink and gesso on a bentonite clay-treated wood.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Mirror work in progress: Love Bomb

Love Bomb is almost complete!
I was very excited back in autumn when I found this unique frame at a second hand market.

After much trial and error I removed the backing paint and some of the reflective surface from behind; then added my own finish, as you can see here...

Then I etched the rain of women across the front, using various masking layers.


The final stage is to decide if the original baubles will be added and to hang it. 

This step is crucial as the lighting and the viewer's orientation to the piece changes the effect dramatically.

I've gilded the original tassel trim that came wrapped around the mirror.
Here is a preliminary sketch for the rain of women.

'Love bombing' often takes place at the outset of  whirlwind romances and is usually directed by sociopaths or narcissists.

 Targets are idealized and literally bombarded non-stop with attention that seems like love and can cause high levels of infatuation. The target is 'swept off their feet' and is unaware that it actually is a manipulative means to gain attention.