Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back from the Hiatus

I have been off this blog for quite some time. First, focusing on my daily painting blog, but also I went to America for 3 weeks to recharge my batteries with family and friends, and visit some old an new haunts in Brooklyn and NYC. This was the first time I had traveled alone in I think 7 years. Wow. I will not gut this site with all my pictures, I have just included a tiny taste. Above you see me with artist Meg Foster
Meg was actually a student of mine in Massachusetts years ago. Check out her work, she's a gem.

I wandered to the Lower Eat Side, and around The Cooper Union where I studied my under graduate art degree. The whole community has changed. I blogged about this last August. The newest feature was the new Cooper-Hewitt Learning Space. Above is the only shot I got of the before my camera battery died. It looks sort of like a Transformer toy and you can see more angles of it, under construction here. This link has a building process web-cam.

This is a rusty bit of joy I documented in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Stay tuned for the new and reworked pieces I am picking away at in the terrace studio. The blazing temperatures have returned to Mallorca. It's time to cast plaster!