Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Barcelona find

As I peck away at my work in the studio, my file of inspirational images grows and grows. So many delicious surfaces, so little time.

The walls you see here are some of the most beautiful I have seen lately in terms of the aging and deterioration of the subtle layering of colors. I am inspired to experiment with encaustic painting for the first time in many years. Encaustic refers to oil-based pigments suspended in heated beeswax.

Some of the other sites I have photographed in Barcelona have already been covered up by the construction of condominiums... how long will this one last? 

I did notice on this visit that several clothing boutiques have maintained these types of surfaces within the shops. I ogled the surfaces of the high walls punctuated with steel air ducts longer than I did the 100€ jeans.

Barcelona, Barri de Gràcia          Carrer de Siracusa & Torrent de la Olla

...the opposite wall.