Friday, October 17, 2008

Fossil, Pollensa & other casts

I'm looking for a quick opinion: I need to add one of these two versions to a proposal this week. Tell me- which is stronger: the brown or blue-grey version?

These are interpretations of the imprint left from a torn-down building in historic Pollensa, Mallorca. They are approximately 24 X 24 inches square - each composed of 4 plaster relief tiles cast from clay carvings I made. I have posted drawings of this image before (see August posts on Pollensa Facade).

Above and below are two individual castings (8X10in.) I finished this week as well; they are more abstract, made with remnants of building materials found on the side of the road.


Allison said...

I love them both, but i think the brown version has a little more meat to it. I love the texture and imperfections. Good luck! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I really go for the blue ones, I 'm very partial to things in cool shades. Great work, though, keep it up !!!

Sarah Pearsall said...

i really like both but i would choose the blue. the shadows are more prominent.