Saturday, May 10, 2008

What goes around Comes around

Can you tell what these two pictures are of? I'll explain in a bit, but first, follow my visual train of thought for a moment...

Above is an image of a church floor plan. I have always loved architectural plans and topographical maps and have been collecting a lot of them lately for a new series. Something about the arial view and relation to cross-section that inspires me. In this particular example, I love the tilt on the right hand side. 

Family Tree (total composition approx. 6 X 4 feet)  This image was made in 1990 for my thesis show at the Cooper Union. I just remembered it a few days ago. I based the composition on church floor plans. that's 18 years ago, folks...and back then I was so unsure how to be an artist. Little did I know my subconscious was formulating plans for years to come.

Attic Hideaway (aka The Escape) This piece was made in 2006. The compositional format was based on an open tea box. After unpacking so many boxes from my overseas move, I was contemplating that which we take with us and that which we leave behind during big changes. I have picked up this 'open box' concept with my newest work and will post some at a later date.

The first 2 images of this post and the one above are some I have made of torn-down facades in Mallorca. Over the last year and a half, I have shot dozens of photos like these. There has been a major construction boom which is now turning into a major construction crisis, leaving all these unresolved projects. While the floor plans and open boxes have an arial perspective, these show a slice, or cross-section in profile. YUM. I am particularly fond of the remaining medicine cabinet and dangling shower fixtures!

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Anonymous said...

I love this top picture. Really unique and beautiful.

Sarah Gale