Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Process is as important as product. I take tons of pictures of textures that inspire me. Here are some recent ones I am incorporating into my newest series of paintings.

This morning I collected more twigs and rusted materials. Malena and I walk by the bull ring each day on our way to school. The dirt road there is a dumping ground for various cast-offs from orchard pruning and home repairs. This combination of materials invokes the dual relationship of "man vs. nature" and "man with nature".  Alas, in the end everything returns to the original state.

Sedentary 2008 34X44 cm mixed media/dirt on bark paper

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Anonymous said...

what an impression for a newcomer like you in Muro!
but the fotos are quite good, I think.
i whish you infinite energy and illusion for your new blog. there is so much junk in www. I'm sure your "place" here will be full of wisdom, humor and good feeling - with the little help of your friends.