Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Beginning

Just before I go to bed I will christen the site with an image. 
It is new and already sold.  I had so little time with it, 
I need to see it objectively to bring the ideas into other pieces.


Anonymous said...

Excellent - welcome to the blogosphere (as someone else put it). Kool pic. Indeed a 'New Beginning'.

Mireia said...

Hello Laurie! Very good! I want to say you that this casa excavada makes lot of sense to me. Lot of energy and good luck with yours projects!

Javier Moreno said...

Lauri, te deseo mucha suerte con tu blog. Es una herramienta fabulosa para los profesionales, y además gratuita. Estoy seguro que te colocarás dentro de nada, muy al pricipio de todas las búsquedas de Google.

Tienes talento, chica. Aprovéchalo al máximo.

Mihaela said...

You are the best, like artist and friend too!Good luck!