Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On Daily Painting: at times a humbling discipline

Look what is cropping up in those cute daily paintings everyone is enjoying so much!

Yes, this newer series is bright and colorful, incorporating my daughter's drawing; surely the shift must be a harbinger of Spring?

This is true, in part. Daily paintings for me are quite auto-biographical, they can't help but be so, given the nature of the project. I paint intensely for a few hours without thinking too much. The work emerges from intuition and I have learned not to question it. I save such scrutiny for my larger works and series that I create and exhibit over time. Both bodies of work inform each other.

The other day, I caught myself trying to avoid the inevitable self-expression that emerges within the constraints of size/materials/and time. I wanted to change the subject. But I didn't really have a good reason, was I avoiding something?

Sadhana means daily discipline and in the Eastern tradition, it is often carried out in increments of 40 days, the time believed necessary to break old habits and mental blocks so that new prospects can emerge. So, this is just the challenge- push through the boredom, the awkward outcomes, uncomfortable moments to see where it leads me.

Then seemingly innocently enough, two pieces came out using writing of my daughter (who couldn't spell at the time of making the drawings) with the word 'ira" Spanish for ire, or anger, then MAD. Was this the part I was avoiding, showing the darker side of this moving story?

Stay tuned.

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