Thursday, November 19, 2009

Light Installation at Plaça Vuit, Sa Pobla, Mallorca

Last night we celebrated the grand opening of the new site of what was formerly called E-Così. Here you see the great bar at the new restaurant Plaça Vuit in Sa Pobla, Mallorca. This is opposite an artwork I created especially for the owners. Bel and Toni worked together with an incredible team to design and transform a historic building in the center of Sa Pobla.
They asked me to create special sort of painting / light installation for the site. You can see the images below. It is a theatre-like scrim depicting the Plaza España in Rome (this is an Italian restaurant).

The installation works nicely with the many beautiful light fixtures selected by Bel.

My good friends and the owners of Plaça Vuit. The name is the street address 'Plaza # 8' in Catalan. Congratulations to them and all the folks that worked their tails off over the last few months.


kathrin said...

Really nice that place. hope they will have a lot of success. By the way, the plaça at Sa Pobla is a uncomparable better ubication than before.
And you light-installation is great, Laurie. so fine and discrete .

Wendy said...

Love this! Despite the size this feels like a little sketch. Great subtlety (sp?). Works so well with the color palette in the space. Congrats to all!