Monday, November 2, 2009

Casa & Campo I/II / House & Field I/II

Casa & Campo I / House & Field I

Casa & Campo II / House & Field II

Diptych: 20 X 20 inches (50 X 50 cm) each. Collage 7 mixed media on wood

This diptych is a large scale version of the 32 abstract orange Daily Paintings featured on my other blog.


Anonymous said...

What products/materials do you use to fasten your collage items to the wood? (and what kind of wood?) Especially the heavier items. I am having problems getting photos to stick to acrylic on canvas.(and then there is buckleing.) I sew the metal objects to the canvas, but I see that I may need to switch to cradled panels.

Laurie Pearsall said...

I use Liquid Nails a lot. Fiber-glass based bathroom putty/spackle is also a great material, for embedding things and building up texture - it has a less plastic-y feel than modeling or molding paste made for art projects; and it dries fast. For the heavy stuff, in addition to the glue, I drill little holes in the wood and stitch them on with wire, fastened in the back. The wood is usually thin ply, backed on a thick frame, some I had made by a carpenter, others are store bought and a few made by me. Thin wood is key (1/8 inch or 1/4 max) because with all the layering and found objects, the pieces get very heavy.In terms of the ripple effect, I use a flat piece of thin wood or matboard and apply white glue to paper-based materials a very thin coat, then it's key to coat the top too and go over it in all directions pressing hard during the first few minutes of the drying process. This doesn't work for glossy photos or sensitive papers because it drags the color or roughs up the texture. Stitching or glueing little tabs on the back of the photo so it's slight suspended from the base surface works with photos. Print the photos on heavy stock paper. Ok, I'll stop- sorry for the long-winded answer, I'm a teacher!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! That was really helpful, and long-winded was what I was looking for.
I think I had success with a photo I just printed off on double sided printing photo paper, glued it to the stretched canvas (already painted w/acrylics......didn't know I wanted to add the photo at that point)with ModgePodge, and then I intend to varnish it all with a blend of gloss and matte acrylic varnish (want a satin effect) to cover any spots of shiny from the glue. It's a theory. In the future, as I noted in the first posting, working on wood seems better. I wish I could see your work in person. Thanks.

Laurie Pearsall said...

No Problem, good luck. People often ask me why I don't work on just feels too flabby to me. Play around with the materials, a lot of things that start as mistakes end up bringing something unique to the piece.have fun.

ArtPropelled said...

How generous you are with information about your process. Not every artist will share their secrets.
These pieces are rich and intriguing.

Laurie Pearsall said...

No problem, Art Propelled - I'm a lover, not a fighter! We are all one of a kind and our work takes on a life of it's own...techniques are just techniques.