Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's approaching four years to the day that I abruptly stopped maintaining this blog. I decided to commemorate International Women's Day by starting anew!

Three years ago I stopped teaching yoga and stopped making art. Life got in the way in a big way.

Last summer I renewed my commitment to my work and embarked on a new series. But before launching into a new direction after the hiatus, it felt appropriate to reflect on the work I had done since arriving to Mallorca. So I celebrated my ten year anniversary on the island with a retrospective exhibit of over 60 pieces of artwork made in the last 8 years here. 

I included photographs and sketchbooks in the show, painted 'live' and gave a gallery talk.  Sa F├ábrica gallery  in Esporles, Mallorca was the perfect place to sit and be with the art and contemplate the next steps.

There have been a some other exhibits since March 2011 that are not documented here. You can see them at my Facebook page Laurie Pearsall Artist.  

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