Wednesday, September 2, 2009

La Vida Pseudonómada/The Pseudo-nomadic Life

La vida pseudonómada (The Pseudo-nomadic Life)

Completed September 1, 2009
35.5 X 47 inches (90 X 120 cm)
Mixed media on wood (rusted metal, collage, acrylic)

I started this piece ages ago and have finally pulled it together. It is the first piece that utilizes some of the many Moving Stories I have collected over the last 2 months. Thank you, Jose for your contribution. The original building structure is one in Inca, Mallorca. The junk was collected on the streets of Muro and the wall paper is from the site of a renovation in Sa Pobla.

I am entering this piece today in a competition at a gallery I have been salivating over; the exhibition space is a wonderfully restored historic estate and well-suited to my work. Just being in the group show would be great, but the first prize of a solo exhibit is going to be even better! Wish me luck.